Chloe Ysabelle Cezar



Iron City Acquisitions | Senior Account Executive | Coaching and Development | Retention and acquisition | Health and Wellness Enthusiast | Philanthropist

Chloe is from the Philippine Islands and is multilinguistic. She studied agricultural and animal sciences from Mindanao State University while also being a certified massage therapist.  She is no stranger to traveling the world. Chloe has stepped foot on 4 continents and 46 states in the past e years. Her three amazing nephews inspire her to be a strong, sweet, positive and cheerful person.

She recently relocated to the Birmingham market in late 2014. She is a proud partner of Zinzino which is a product that helps with chemical imbalance in the body. Chloe has a passion for helping others and her goal is to make a difference in someone’s life. She plans to achieve this through coaching and development, Sales and marketing training , mentorship, health and wellness, and therapy.

Ideal referral :

•Individual who currently seeking new opportunity
•Individual who is currently looking to gain experience in professional business settings
•Individual who is looking to get their foot in the door and gain experience  
•Individual who is currently looking career change
•Recent high school or collage graduates 
•A friendly, outgoing personality
•Young Professional 
•Strong work ethics 
•Self motivated
•Great attitude