Eric Crocker


Company and description:
Crocker Moving Services,   Full Service Moving Company. We can handle all your moving and relocation needs in the Birmingham metro and surrounding areas. We do it all from a full pack and move in town, or across the county. In addition to moving people, we do furniture deliveries.
Position: Owner
Short Description of myself.
     I grew up outside the Birmingham area in the very westernmost portion of Jefferson County. Enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2004, and served 9 years, with a big portion of that in the Rreserves. Deployed to Iraq from 2007-2008, went to Africa in 2009 briefly. Have been in the moving and relocation business for over 10 years. Worked as an owner-operator with a large van line when Trinity Hospital became Grandview Hospital. I am the 2nd oldest of three living siblings. In my spare time I read as often as I can, and love to be on a gun range. I am an adrenaline junkie.
Ideal referral:
       Anyone who is moving or thinking of moving. Whether it is a full move, or just internally rearranging things in the house, we want to be your first call for a move. In addition, our long distance rates are highly competitive.